Meetings App

In 2016, the tenth successful year of CCRInteractive, as well as presenting to the audience, a New App meant improved CCRMeetings. Why wait on a stand and hope the right person goes by? We have the experience to allow you to make successful presentations to the delegates and to arrange CCRMeetings with the senior professionals that you want to do business with.

In 2017, the app returned better than ever – CCR was pleased to announce:

  • A new Meeting and Networking tool to get the most from your CCRMeetings.
  • Sponsors can browse all attendees and request meetings.
    – Attendees can see which sponsors are attending and request meetings.
    – The opportunity to message, and request meetings with, presenters.
  • Individual log-ins to enable you to optimise your chosen package.
  • LinkedIn profiles will be available for all.
  • A new and updated website with all the information you will need for the day.
  • The chance to book 12 dedicated meeting rooms in advance.
  • All information will be available on the day via a mobile optimised web app.